Today @ 5:14a.m is the full moon

  • At full moon, those in darkness gorge themselves with the fullness of the works of darkness and give themselves over and over to the king of darkness.
  • Pray that the children of light will do the same, filling and giving themselves over and over to the fullness of the King of Light. (Eph 1:15-23, Col 1:9-23, Col 2:6-7, 9-13)
  • Pray that the fullness of the light of the glorious gospel of Christ will shine on all men on earth as they hear the preaching, declarations, proclamations and the singing of God’s word throughout this season so they will be delivered from the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4 ; Isa 61:1-3).
  • Just as the light illuminating the full moon is a reflection from the sun, pray that you will reflect the light of Jesus Christ fully in this season.


  • Lately, there has been so much exposure and disappointment in men/women of God who serve others spiritually in various capacities.
  • Sexual and financial abuse have ranked high, domestic violence and other marital challenges, financial lack leading to many atrocities plague them. Most times we may get lost in the naming, blaming and finger pointing without realizing that these are front liners in a never-ending spiritual war. They don’t only carry responsibility for their personal spiritual lives, but they are responsible for the souls of others. They are required to pray for vast and varied challenges amongst their members and for others, deal with territorial issues beyond the scope of their community or even nation.
  • There isn’t enough prayer going up for these people whom we consider as the mirror of our spiritual society. Their fall reflects on the Body of Jesus Christ, and it is our responsibility as kingdom citizens, to pray more and complain less about our spiritual leaders no matter what kind of challenge exposes them.



  • Read Gal 5:23, Prov 16:32, 25:28. This month is characterized by excessive indulgence and expenditure. Pray that you will exercise self-control in you, your family and the Ecclesia.
  • Ask the Lord to show you ways in which He will have you and kingdom citizens to fulfill responsibilities, and even do what He will have you do, without unnecessary waste of time and resources.
  • Read Matt 28.18-20; Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you during this month of many interactions with various people, to provide you with opportunities to share the gospel with people whom you will encounter. Pray for boldness among Kingdom citizens to display and share the gospel so that the Great Commission will be activated across the society.


  • Proclaim Isaiah 35 over every highway and byway that you and kingdom citizens will pass through, every vehicle you will be found in, every building or other space you occupy, that because of your presence, the roads will be highways of holiness and nothing unclean or that which hurts, will be found on them. Let there be prophetic action here.
  • The spirit of death, robbery, destruction and accidents will never find space on the roads you pass, the vehicles you use and the places and spaces you occupy.
  • Prophesy that you will become a preservation for those who are around you every time.


  • With increase in crime and other calamities during festive seasons, use this season to dedicate your neighborhood (at home and place of occupation).
  • On a regular basis, remember to walk your neighborhood, at least around the block and declare the Lordship of Jehovah and overthrow any contrary entity that resides or rules over the place.
  • Ask them to pack and leave and invite the Holy Spirit and angelic protection in every gathering, every solitary person, every family and every stranger that comes within your space.
  • Pray that there will be a shift in the Spirit realm bringing peace everywhere your feet tread in this season.


  • There is heightened crime during the month of December, due to the increased pressure for people to have financial stability for the festivities that come with the end year functions.
  • Pray for the Shalom and protection of Jehovah to be made manifest where you and kingdom citizens are located.
  • Pray that you will be recognized enough in the spirit realm to command that authority.


  • Rev 22:2- The trees of life bear 12 season of fruit every month of the year. Pray that you will receive the fruit for the 12th month.
  • Pray also that you will partake of the healing released from the leaves of these trees for this season.
  • Pray that every physical bodily healing, emotional and spiritual healing, financial healing, economic healing, marital and relational healing required for this month will be released to you in its fullness.
  • Pray for this 12th month and final month of the year, that where you have not accomplished the Lord’s purposes for this year, He shall give you the speed to hasten the fulfillment of as many of His purposes as possible in these final week of the year.
  • Begin to earnestly seek the Lord concerning His purposes for you in the coming year.