• The on-going seventh sacred calendar month expressly reminds us of the Sabbath rest. A principle God does not take lightly because it is holy unto the Lord (Exo 16:23a; 20:8; 31:15 etc) understanding exactly what God really means by “Sabbath Rest” is the key to unlocking the blessing within.
  • From the foundational scripture in Gen 2:1-3, God wants all His children to join Him in His rest on the Sabbath. Man must be actively engaged working for only six days a week and rest the seventh day in complete communication and worship to his creator. The principle is the same for the seventh sacred Sabbath month. Ask the Lord to show you what you must personally do in order to share in God’s rest for the month. (Acts 9:6b; 22:10)
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will unveil the depth of the meaning of the “Sabbath rest” to you and to every member of the Body of Christ as a personal revelation; to bring about understanding, and then each can decide to practically participate and enjoy the rest that remains for them and reap the blessings from the Lord. (1 Cor 2:10-11; Heb 4:9-11)


  • Nigeria is in God’s program and so she has been the target of various evil activities in other that God’s purpose for her shall be thwarted.
  • Ask the Lord to silence all utterances from evil altars against Nigeria so the Lord will have His way in Nigeria.
  • Pray that the powers drawn from the moon by the Islamic marabous in controlling the socio-political-economic affairs of this nation will be confounded (Isaiah 49:22-26).
  • Bloodshed brings very grave consequences upon the perpetrators, the land and the inhabitants. Plead with God to provide atonement so that the innocent blood that is shed will not be laid to our charge as a nation.


  • Praise God for the successful completion of this year’s Advancing World Missions Conference.
  • Thank God for decisions taken and pray that the decisions will abide.
  • Praise Him for the all the speakers, provision, journey mercies, good weather and excellent spiritual atmosphere throughout the conference.
  • Praise Him for the fruits and the impact that will be obvious in the lives of every participant.
  • Praise Him for His wisdom that overshadowed the management team/planning committee.
  • Pray for journey mercies as the brethren go back to their base.
  • Pray for wisdom to put what they have learnt in to practice.


  • Specifically pray that that conference will meet Heaven’s expectations concerning the church in our land.
  • Prophesy to the lives of everyone to hear the voice of God clearly concerning their individual “mission field”.
  • Pray that through this conference, new missionaries will emerge and fresh fire for soul winning will come upon everyone.
  • Pray that more ministry and churches will come to identify with the AWMC.


  • Read Luke 5:17. The voltage of God’s power must be intense enough to solve all problems everywhere the conference will be viewed in Jesus name.
  • Father we invite you to every viewing centres, every home, church or gathering where AWMC 2020 will be aired in Jesus name.
  • We declare that your presence will melt every work of the flesh and satanic deposits in Jesus name.
  • We declare that the most carnal of all men shall encounter You from anywhere they are during the conference in Jesus name.
  • Send your fire upon every eye that is watching and every ear that is hearing the AWMC 2020 messages in Jesus mighty name.  


  • Commit the elements (rain, sunshine and weather in general), that they will all cooperate and bow to divine counsel for the conference.
  • Commit all the speakers into the hands of God that the Lord will specially anoint them and give them utterance. We declare that all the speakers shall align with the pattern of the program in Jesus name.
  • Ask that the Spirit of excellence will overshadow the conference.
  • Frustrate every intended distraction from the pit of hell concerning the conference.
  • Take authority over every altar or strange gathering in the realm of the spirit contending with the plan of God for the conference.
  • In Africa, more than 50% of her population are below 15 and so the youths need the Lord so that their lives will align to God’s will for them.
  • Pray that the Youth Missions Conference (scheduled for October 15 -17) will attract many that the Lord will touch.
  • Pray that the youths will hear the Word of God and will make quality decisions for God.
  • Pray that God will raise many tent makers for God, career missionaries and prayer supports for missions.


  • Give thanks to God for the past AWMCs and for ordaining this year’s conference at this time.
  • Praise Him for wonderful testimonies and the fruits from the past AWMCs.
  • Praise God for the GMD, the management team/ planning committee and everyone playing active role in this year’s conference.
  • Pray for provision, good weather and excellent spiritual atmosphere throughout the conference.
  • Praise Him for the fruits and the impact that will be obvious in the lives of every participant.


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to interact with and utilize the Angelic forces that are at your disposal for we are in a season of extremely high spiritual activity especially in the heavens.
  • Utter the voice of the blood of Jesus into the heavens. Heb 12:24.
  • Pray that the voice of the Lord will blot out every other voice that is commanding the heavens to do anything in this season. Col 2.14-15.
  • Pray that during this month you will be endued with power from on High so that every Jehovah-given assignment you will conceive will have a supernatural influence. Everything you do will be redemptive and will bring a level of transformation to all whom you influence at every level of society. Luke 1:35.


  • In the tenth lunar month (October) as the sun makes its circuit through the heavens, it passes through a cluster of 44 stars in the constellation called Scorpio symbolized by a scorpion. This represents Jesus as the redeemer who goes through conflict with the enemy in order to redeem His people.
  • The season of conflict with the enemy will increase to levels unimaginable but the church must be ready for combat.
  • Pray that God will make you, family, marriage, business, the church, community and nation a new sharp threshing instrument with teeth so you will thresh every mountain that looms up before you and make the hills as chaff (Is 41:14-16; Mic 4:13)
  • Pray that the bowels of every believer worldwide will churn with pain in our hearts so we will not hold our peace in preaching the gospel of salvation to the dying world because of the alarm of war. (Jere 4:19-20; Isa 52:7; Nah 1:15a; Rom 10:15).


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of any doors that the enemy has used in the past to find entrance into your life and close them prophetically as you make the resolution to determinedly focus on pursuing after God’s purpose for your life and destiny.
  • This is a season of preparation for gathering up for the winter season. Examine your spiritual life. Is there an area where you need to consider stocking up on? Do you need an increased prayer and communion with God? Do you need to increase on your word intake through reading studying and memorizing scripture for the season ahead? Do you need to increase your times of fellowship with the brethren or take time to retreat and commune with God? Take long periods of praying in tongues as you commune with the Holy Spirit and build yourself up.
  • During this season, be like the ant and seek for the area you need to build yourself up (Prov 6:1:6-11, Col 3:16-17, Heb 10:23-25, Jude 20)